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Best Plyo Boxes – [3 Things To Consider Before You Buy]

There are few exercises as simple but also effective as jumping. It’s also something many adults lose the ability to do over time. Go to any playground and you’ll see kids jumping regularly, but when most adults come into the gym, the thought of jumping is both intimidating and unfamiliar to them. In reality, unless you’re an athlete, you’ll likely not do much jumping on a daily basis, but just like running or climbing, I would consider it an essential skill.

While you may not need a box to jump on to get the benefits of jumping, the best plyo boxes offer the addition of being able to effectively measure your jumps by height while giving you a safe place to land. Not to mention the versatility of something as simple as a box, meaning you can do dozens of other additional exercises with your box.

An option that many people go with for their plyo boxes are handmade wooden boxes. These produce several distinct problems:

  • Wooden boxes are very heavy and cumbersome
  • You have to have the skills to build them
  • The wood sheds with use, causing a mess.
  • Wooden boxes typically take up a lot of space
  • Costs money to buy the materials to build them

On the other hand, metal plyo boxes can be a good option, however previously metal plyo boxes were extremely expensive. So is there an option that offers affordability, mobility and durability?

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Plyo Boxes

  1. Fitness Level.  The first thing you need to keep in mind before you buy plyo boxes for exercises like box jumps is…are you fit enough to do them? Jumping and plyometric exercises are considered “high impact” exercises and may not be appropriate for people with lower body injuries, limitations or those who are overweight or obese.
  2. Space.  Your next consideration should definitely be space. If you’re working with a very small home gym set-up, you’ll want to get a stackable or adjustable style plyo box. Buying or building wooden boxes will take up too much space for most home gyms, and having only one plyo box height will be limited compared to having several heights to choose from.
  3. Your goals.  The last thing you’ll want to consider is what your goals are. If you’re strictly training for aesthetics, I wouldn’t consider plyo boxes a necessity. However for those looking for variety, general fitness, or sport specific training, plyo boxes will be a great addition to your set-up.

Presenting our Pick for the Best Plyo Boxes: J/Fit Plyo Boxes


Athlete jumping on Plyo Box


The J/Fit Plyometric Boxes are your classical style plyo boxes with tapered tops for stackability, various heights, and even painted the classic red like old school plyo boxes would be. The big difference is J/Fit offers affordability rarely seen with plyo boxes of this design.

Although they are all metal, the hollow base design makes them light weight, they do not require any assembly, and you can order them as individual boxes or as a set.

Features and Benefits of The J/Fit Plyometric Boxes

The J/Fit boxes have several functional design features that make them our top pick for best plyo boxes.

  • Tapered top
    • Makes the boxes stackable
    • Gives the exerciser a more precise target to hit which is better for building agility and athleticism
  • Grip Tape on the top of the box
    • The textured material on top ensures you won’t slip when standing on the box
  • Rubber feet for a secure foundation when jumping on these boxes
  • All metal construction for a sturdy experience
  • Various sizes for all different uses
    • Whether doing traditional box jumps or physical therapy exercises, there is an appropriate box height for you

ploy box jump

What People are Saying About the J/Fit Plyo Boxes

We have had the J/Fit plyo boxes in our facility for a little over a year now, and they have held up well despite getting daily use from our clients. We use them for just about everything from box jumps, depth jumps, cable exercises like leg extensions, and more. Aside from our own personal experience it seems other people are also enjoying their J/Fit Plyo Boxes.

Alternatives to the J/Fit Plyo Boxes – Plyo Box Alternatives


As previously mentioned there are other types of plyo boxes, so if the J/Fit Plyo Boxes don’t work for you, there are some other options. Primarily wooden boxes and also soft plyo boxes.

VEVOR Plyometric Box Set

This is the same plyo box they have at my gym, but shorter. In fact, this is as short as they go. I am recovering from surgery, and can’t handle the higher boxes right now. This one is perfect to get back into leg exercises. It is very sturdy, and has a nice amount of room for my feet. I was able to get it for a reasonable price on here. Not many people would need a 6-inch box, but if you lack the explosiveness to jump onto a 12-inch box – for whatever reason – then this is the perfect box for you. It’s also portable, because it is so small.


Bound 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

    • Affordably priced
    • Does require some assembly
    • Made of wood, so it will shed with heavy use
    • Multi-sized wooden boxes can be unstable in certain configurations

Yes4All Soft Plyo Box

    • Soft foam can make it easier if you miss a box jump and hit your shin
    • Soft boxes do increase the risk of rolling an ankle

Soft boxes are typically more expensive than other types.

Meister Elite Steel Plyo Jump Boxes

    • Non tapered top which provides a larger surface to land on
    • Still stackable 
    • Black paint will hide wear better
    • Premium pricing


Conclusion – Wrapping Our Thoughts On The Best Plyo Boxes

Jumping and other plyometric exercises are a great way to get your heart rate up, burn calories, build athleticism and explosiveness, and best of all, they require minimal equipment. A good set of plyo boxes can add a ton of versatility to your training without breaking the bank or taking up too much space in your home gym. 

If you own a gym or a personal training studio, then a good set of plyo boxes is a must have. Even if you never use your plyo boxes for box jumps, the versatility of a solid and sturdy box makes them worth having.

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