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The 4 Best Slam Ball And Medicine Ball Options


Slam balls. A new school take on an old school product. Medicine balls have been around forever, but when people figured out slamming them into things was both good fun and great exercise, they encountered a major problem: They break. A lot. Traditional medicine balls are either too bouncy to be used safely, or they simply are not designed to take hard impacts like slamming them against the floor, walls, etc… The best slam ball options offer a lot.  


Finally equipment manufacturers got wise to this, and started specifically designing “slam balls” which have all the functionality of a regular medicine ball, but are quite a bit tougher and more durable than the old school medicine balls you would see in a Rocky training montage


So if you’ve been busting balls in your home gym or personal training studio, this review is for you. 


Things to Consider Before Buying a Slam Ball

Slam balls come in a variety of sizes, particularly in regards to weight. When it comes to any medicine ball exercises, I find it’s best to err on the side of caution. For most people a 10 or 15lb medicine ball will be more than adequate for most people and most exercises


Another thing you may want to consider is the location of your workout space. For those that live in an apartment or shared living space, a slam ball may not be the right choice. You’ll probably want to skip the ball slamming (and save your relationship with your neighbors). If that’s the case, a regular medicine ball will do you just fine. 


The last thing you want to consider before purchasing a slam ball is make sure you are buying from a company with a good warranty policy. Unfortunately even the best made slam balls still break occasionally, and good manufacturers know this, and will replace your slam ball for free. 

slam balls for home gym

Presenting the Rogue Echo Slam Ball

The Rogue Echo Slam Ball is one of the best on the market ranging in weight from 10lbs all the way up to 50lbs. The rubberized outer shell is textured for excellent grip (which is important for sweaty workouts) and even the heaviest ball is only 10” in diameter (about the size of a basketball) making it easy to use. 


These slam balls come in a vibrant red color with white lettering and also look quite sharp. The lettering on the balls doesn’t fade or degrade with use, which is important to tell the balls apart as they are all roughly the same size overall. 


Lastly and most importantly the Rogue Echo Slam Balls have a two year warranty. Out of the half dozen we’ve purchased for the gym, two have been replaced, and Rogue’s customer service was a breeze. 


Best Slam Ball Features & Benefits

As previously mentioned the Rogue Echo Slam ball features a textured rubber shell. This makes a very big difference in your ability to grip the slam ball when exercising. Since slam balls are mostly used for HIIT style workouts, having sweaty hands isn’t uncommon. When you’re doing explosive movements like med ball slams or throws the last thing you want is for the slam ball to go flying out of your hands unintentionally. 


Another great feature of these slam balls is that they hold both sand and air, so you can fill them with air with a regular bicycle style pump (just like a basketball) and that makes them a bit easier to grip. 


Having a slam ball can add a ton of versatility to your training, from all of the classic moves like squats, presses, and deadlifts, to more explosive things like overhead throws, push-ups on the ball, med ball slams, lateral slams, etc…The slam ball is best for high rep or high intensity work as the very heavy slam balls (over 30lbs) are not only very cumbersome, but can be quite expensive as well. 

best slam ball

What People are Saying about the Rogue Echo Slam Ball

We’ve had Rogue Echo Slam Balls in our gym since 2015, but you don’t have to take my word for it, the reviews online say enough:

  • “I have a lot of fun with this ball, honestly one of my favorite pieces of equipment….Extremely solidly built slam ball, good grip and can take a good amount of punishment”
  • “Bored with COVID? Gyms are closed equipment everywhere sold out!? This will get the job done! Legs abs shoulders bis and tris! Have fun with the Turkish getup!”


Rogue Slam Ball Alternatives -More Top Slam Ball Recommendations

Truthfully there are a ton of alternatives on the market for slam balls, so if for some reason the Rogue Slam ball doesn’t fit your needs, you have plenty of options. 

TRX Training Slam Ball

    • From the same company that makes the legendary TRX Suspension Trainer
    • Insane grip with a tire like tread on it
    • Ranges from 6lbs up to 40lbs


J/Fit Dead Weight Slam Ball

    • A newer company, J/Fit has been offering products that really focus on meeting the needs of those on a tighter budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality. We have some of their plyo boxes in our facility and they are great. 
    • Weight Ranges from 10-50lbs. 
    • Has two color options

Amazon Basics Slam Ball

    • Like most Amazon basics products, some of them are amazing, and some aren’t. While we haven’t personally used this particular slam ball, it does have a 4.5 star rating.
    • One of the more modestly priced balls on the list
    • Only has a one year warranty

Best Slam Ball Conclusion

A slam ball is a great addition to any home gym (assuming you have sturdy floors and no neighbors nearby!) and you can do almost an endless amount of exercises with it. Best of all they take up little space which makes them a perfect choice for at home training or in a small personal training studio. Not only can you do many classic exercises with a slam ball, there are also quite a few exercises that you simply can’t do with standard weights like dumbbells or kettlebells. 

If you’re looking for the perfect slam ball to add to your arsenal, we highly recommend the Rogue Echo Slam ball!

PS – If you are looking for alternative cardio options check out the best jump rope options.

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