The Idea Of Ask The Fitness Expert

Ask The Fitness Expert started with one simple goal. To get the highest quality information from real fitness professionals to combat some of the bad information running rampant.  The only cure for bad information is better information.  We wanted to make the world of fitness easier to understand and empower everyday people with the ability to make the right choices and take control of their health and fitness.  

The Beginning Of Ask The Fitness Expert

It all began in January of 2006…

One of our founders Kyle started with a simple idea of collecting the biggest questions people had for different fitness professionals.  He would collect the questions and then interview them and getting real advice from internationally-known fitness professionals.  These fitness pros were authors of popular fitness books, creators of cutting-edge fitness programs, and experts in their field.  While it started with interviews it has grown into so much more.  

Our Mission

At Ask The Fitness Expert you can find advice from real Fitness Professionals to help you get better results and buy the best fitness equipment.  Whether you are looking for new equipment for your home gym or some new accessories we will share our insights, feedback, and in-the-trenches feedback on what’s worth it and what isn’t.

The Ask The Fitness Expert Team


Coach Tony Pica

Tony Pica
Head Coach/USAW Level III National Coach


Tony followed a career path where making a difference has always been important to him. He started working as a personal trainer as a means to pay for college while he was still in school. He fell in love with coaching when one of his first clients early on told him their doctor took them off of their blood pressure and cholesterol medication due to their new found fitness. That’s when he realized he could make an impact.

After working at a few different gyms over the last 10 years, he saw shortcomings in the fitness industry, and that’s when he came up with the concept and launched his own unique style of gym. So many people have no direction when they workout at a “regular gym,” and group fitness classes are too generic. Tony created a gym with customized training programs designed for the individual.  

Matt Ferrera Fitness Professional

Matt Ferrara

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, BS Physical Education Bridgewater State

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, BS Physical Education Bridgewater State. Matt brings a wealth of experience to our team from working with high level athletes during his internship at Bryant University to training busy and motivated professionals at gyms like Boston Sports Club and Ethos Kettlebell in Boston, MA. 

Kyle Battis

Kyle Battis


Kyle started his career working in the sports medicine field and designing strength and conditioning programs for young athletes and for the general population.  In 2006 he came up with the idea to organize a Teleseminar series where he interviewed various prominent fitness professionals asking for their best advice.  He acted as the “reporter” relaying the biggest questions people had to these fitness pros.  While Kyle is no longer training people one on one he is still an avid gym-goer and is active in helping fitness professionals share their important training information with others.  

“The Only Cure For Bad
Information Is Better Information