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Best Push Sled – CFF Hi/Lo Push Sled Review

Introduction: My CFF Hi/Lo Push Sled Review and Why You Need The Best Push Sled for Your Workouts


The debate between the best exercises for getting fit, burning fat and building strength are always torn between two camps: those who recommend cardio, and those who recommend strength training. But why not combine both?

Enter the very effective exercise of good old fashioned hard work by using a push sled. Few would argue against the effectiveness of pushing a sled loaded with weight. 

At first glance, sled pushes may look like a lower body workout, but after 100’ or so, you’ll soon realize that this simple yet effective tool is a full body workout that will get both the legs and lungs burning. 

If you’re looking for something that combines the best of both worlds in terms of cardio and strength, look no further than a push sled. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Push Sled


sled push exercises

Push sleds are an excellent choice for commercial gyms, boutique fitness studios, personal trainers, and even home gym owners…if you have the space. Most push sleds can be used indoor or outdoor. They are a simple yet incredibly effective training tool, that offer the user a well rounded workout, challenging for both cardio and strength. 

On top of space to push your sled around, you will also need weights to load onto the sled. Most sleds will be designed to fit 2” olympic sized weights. How much weight you’ll need really depends on a few factors:

  • How strong you are
  • How much space you have (the less space, the more weight you’d want to use)
  • Whether you want to focus more on strength or conditioning and cardio
  • How big your sled is
  • The surface you’re pushing it on (for example there is less friction on artificial grass than on pavement)

It’s important to consider all of these things before buying. If you don’t have at least 40’ of space to push your sled, it might not make sense to buy one! However considering that they are loaded with weight discs that most people already own, they make a good addition to most gym setups.

CFF Hi/Lo Push Pull Weighted Power & Speed Sled 3.0

Presenting the CFF Hi/Lo Push Pull Weighted Power & Speed Sled 3.0


The Christians Fitness Factory Hi/Lo sled is a quality built push sled (which can also be used for pulling actually!), which is perfect for building your strength and conditioning. The sled is completely made of metal (steel) and has a sturdy build. 

This particular push sled has 3 contact points on the ground to give it stability without increasing friction unnecessarily. Other sleds sometimes have long rails which have more of a contact surface with the floor or ground. This increases friction and can make using the sled both hard on your body and your floors!

The CFF Hi/Lo push sled weighs in at 72lbs, however without any added weight it glides easily on most surfaces, and its simple construction makes it ideal for transporting or storing. 

Features and Benefits Of The CFF Hi/Lo Push Sled

sled push exercises

The CFF Hi/Lo Push Sled has many features that make it an effective tool for your workout.

  • High and low pushing options
    • Hence the name, you can either use the tall uprights in the back of the sled, or the low crossbar in the front of the sled.
    • Pushing high will target the thighs more, pushing low will be harding on the shoulders and calves
  • 5 Places for weight distribution
    • This push sled has three 10” posts where you can place weights, as well as sliding plates on the tall handles on the high side for pushing. 
  • Rated for up to 1,000lbs
    • With a 1,000lb rating, you can be sure you won’t outgrow this sled. 
    • All steel construction guarantees its sturdiness. 
  • Matte Black Finish
    • The finish will keep your sled looking like new despite taking a beating during workouts
  • Urethane Skis available
    • The CFF Hi/lo push sled comes with steel skis standard
    • Urethane skis available which are easier on gym floors and wood
  • Comes with a spot for a carabiner 
    • Hook a strap to your sled and drag it!
    • If you face forward and drag the sled, you will target the hips and hamstrings
    • Face the sled and walk backward as you drag to target the quads and calves
  • Great for Building Strength or Speed
    • For more of a strength building workout, place heavier loads on the sled. This will allow you to only push the sled at a walking pace
    • With lighter loads, you can sprint with the sled, which is great for runners or power athletes that need to develop explosiveness.

Long Term Durability and Reviews


We purchased our CFF Push Sled roughly 9 years ago, and it is still in use today in our facility. With dozens of clients loading it, pushing it, unloading every single day, it’s safe to say that it’s a quality product.

Another thing to consider is that because the sled doesn’t have very many moving parts, there isn’t much to go wrong on the sled itself. The only thing I could see needing to be replaced is the steel skis if you were using it outside on asphalt. Fortunately CFF sells the skis separately from the sled itself. 

But you don’t need to take our word for it, here are what others are saying about this push sled (via Amazon)

“I’ve had this sled 8 months and it has totally changed my training”

This is a perfect tool to add to my training studio. Strong build and easy to assemble really happy with the price and delivery was ahead of schedule. Get this sled it rocks!”

“This is a durable sled excellent for push/pull. Myself and my children use it 3x a week and have yet to have any equipment issues…it was a great purchase for my family.”


If you aren’t sold on the CFF Hi/Lo Sled, there are other options available.

  • Rep Fitness Weight Sled. Rep Fitness has been in the gym equipment game for a long time. We’ve used several of their products over the years and feel they are best suited for the home gym owner. The rigorous use that equipment gets in a commercial gym setting might be a little too much for some Rep Fitness equipment. Here are the details of the Rep Fitness Push Sled
    • Similar in construction to the CFF Sled, the rep fitness sled has a slightly shorter length, and less space to place weights. 
    • Rated for 600lbs compared to the CFF’s 1,000lbs+
    • Doesn’t have a low push option
  • Titan Fitness Pro Sled System. Titan is quickly becoming a household name in the gym space offering their own take on my classic pieces of gym equipment. While Titan won’t ever wow you with their fit and finish, their build quality is sufficient, and we’ve had no issues with any of their pieces of equipment in a commercial gym setting. While it varies by product, Titan is usually priced somewhat below their competitors.
    • Able to be combined with other Titan accessories to change it from a sled to a wheelbarrow and other pieces of equipment
    • Only has a single stanchion for weight
    • Weighs more than the Rep Fitness and CFF sleds on its own, requiring less additional weight. 
  • Rogue Butcher V2. Rogue has become THE industry standard in the specialized gym equipment market. With nearly all of their products being machined and manufactured right here in the USA, you can expect to pay a premium for their equipment. However, you typically also get what you pay for with Rogue. Unbelievable fit and finish, high quality steel, durable equipment, and excellent customer service. 
    • Has high and low pushing options
    • Higher angled ski feet for overcoming uneven ground (ideal for outside)
    • Only a 500lb+ capacity

Conclusion – The Best Push Sled On The Market


If you’re looking for a straightforward fitness tool that’s going to provide you with a tough strength and cardio workout, look no further than a push sled. Pushing a sled is a full body workout that will get both your legs and your lungs working in a hurry. With several options available in terms of price, size, and weight, you should be able to find an option that best fits your budget and your gym space. 

However we cannot recommend the CFF Hi/Lo sled enough for your choice of a push sled, as it combines affordability with well rounded features, and legendary toughness! After nearly a decade of use, ours is still going strong!

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