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Landmine Training: The Strength Training Accessory You Didn’t Know You Needed (Plus The Best Landmine Attachment Options)

The barbell is one of the most versatile training tools regardless of what your fitness goals are. The ability to quickly change the load of a barbell has made it a staple in just about every gym. However there is one seldom use accessory that can add even more versatility to any barbell you already own: The landmine the various landmine attachment options.  

What Is a Landmine In The Gym?

landmine for the gym

The landmine is an awesomely versatile piece of equipment that should be in every weight room. A landmine exercise refers to an angled barbell movement where one end of the barbell is on the ground or attached to a rack, and the opposite end is held by the weight lifter.

This simple yet effective device will add dozens of exercises to your training arsenal that you couldn’t otherwise do without it, and is a great choice for home gym owners as many of the moves that can be done with a landmine attachment could replace dumbbell or kettlebell exercises. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Landmine


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The landmine attachment takes a barbell from a bilateral implement (using two hands) and turns it into a single leg/arm implement. Typically there are two types of landmines…those that sit in a weight plate using that as a base, and the type that attach to a rig, squat rack or power rack. 

If you don’t have a rack or rig with the proper holes to fit a landmine attachment, a “Post landmine” attachment is going to be your best option, as it slips into a few plates stacked vertically for support. 

If you do have a rig or rack that can support a landmine attachment, this is likely the best option as it will be much more stable than the post version. The post type of landmine will certainly be more mobile, where as the type that bolts to a rack will usually require some tools to remove and/or adjust.

Presenting the Rogue Landmine


Rogue Landmine Fitness accessory

When it comes to landmine options, our favorite pick is for the Rogue Landmine. Rogue is known as one of the top manufacturers of fitness equipment. Almost all of their products are made of heavy duty steel and are manufactured right here in the US. 

Rogue makes post the post-type of landmine and also options that will bolt directly to their monster and monster-lite rigs. Though we do not have a Rogue Monster rack in our facility, they did have an option that perfectly fit our Fringe Sport rig. Our two landmines have been a huge benefit to our coaching staff as they add a ton of versatility for our client programs. 

With a landmine a barbell will slide into the landmine attachment. From there you grip the free end of the barbell to perform dozens of exercises. There are some pros and cons of the landmine:

  • Pros
    • Adds versatility to a piece of equipment you already own
    • Great cost to value ratio. 
    • Doesn’t take up much space (ideal for home gym owners)
  • Cons
    • Can put stress on your barbell. Good barbells will be fine, budget barbells are another story
    • Can lead to purchasing more accessories for the landmine. While there are dozens of exercises you can do with just a bar and a landmine, adding additional attachments will open up even more options.


Features and Benefits of the Rogue Landmine


landmine attachment options
The barbell is already one of the most versatile training tools in the world, and Rogue Landmine only adds to that versatility. Rogue’s landmine attachment for training rigs is made right here in the USA, and boasts some impressive specs

  • Weight capacity of 315lbs
  • Made of 7-Gauge Steel
  • Precision milled to snuggly fit olympic size barbells (2” diameter)
  • Comes in a variety of hardware mounts to fit various racks.

If you don’t have a rig to mount the landmine too, Rogue’s Post Landmine boasts the same exact specs as above. If you’re wondering if 315lbs is enough for a landmine, consider that most of these exercises are being done as single arm or single leg movements, meaning 315lbs will be more than plenty for most exercisers. 

Both the rig-mounted and post type landmine attachments are extremely mobile. While the post simply slides in and out of some stacked training plates, the right mount option bolts with a single nut, which is enough to secure it for a heavy load. 

The number of exercises you can do with a single landmine without any other special attachments are numerous. Some of our favorites are:

  • Landmine rotations (for abs)
  • Landmine Squats + Press (for legs and shoulders)
  • Landmine Rows (for arms and back)
  • Landmine Single Arm Presses (for arms and shoulders)

While most landmine exercises will be slightly different from the variations of other implements, if you were using this in your home gym or small personal training studio, you could very easily forgo larger dumbbells (which are expensive) for a landmine. 

Landmine Attachment Options From Rogue Fitness

Rogue also manufacturers an excellent variety of landmine attachment handles to add even more versatility to your workouts. Of course you can use any brand landmine attachment as long as it’s made to fit an 2” diameter barbell. Some of our favorite landmine attachments are:

  • Rogue Single Landmine Attachment
    • Typically you would grab the end of the barbell for landmine exercises. At 2” in diameter that can be hard to hold on to for heavier exercises. The single handle makes it easier to grip.
    • We would recommend using a clip on the end of the bar when using this handle to keep it from sliding around.
    • Great for rows which is one of our favorite exercises
  • Rogue Angled Landmine Handle
    • This puts a fun twist on traditional bent over rows
    • Angle in for tons of forearm training
    • Angle out for hitting the biceps harder
  • Titan Viking Press Handle
    • Has two different grip positions
    • Has a locking set screw to secure the landmine attachment to the barbell
    • Very interesting variation!

As you can see the landmine and its various attachments offer a ton of versatility for your training, and most of the landmine attachments are reasonably priced.


What People are Saying about the Rogue Landmine Attachment

rogue landmine reviews

We have had two Rogue Landmines in our facility for about four years now. They’ve held up amazingly well and have added an incredible amount of versatility to our client programs. Looking on Rogue’s website you can see that they have nothing but positive reviews.

One particular review that stood out was from a user named “Zobird” from Michigan:

“At 61 it has put deadlifts back into my workout among others.”

This really speaks to the versatility of a landmine attachment 

Alternatives to the Rogue Landmine Attachment


While Rogue is often considered the standard for quality and durability when it comes to steel welded equipment, there are some other options on the market:

  • A2ZCare Deluxe 

    • This model is designed to either bolt to a floor, platform, or clame to the upright of a rig or rack. Another nice feature is that it has a set screw to clamp the barbell into the sleeve of the landmine itself. This is a feature that you don’t often see. While I think it’s not necessary to have such a locking mechanism, it does add extra safety.
    • Another really intersting feature about this product is that it has the option for an Olympic sized bar which is 2” in diamter, or a “standard” sized bar which is only 1”. The smaller diamter bars are very common in home gym sets.
  • Yes4All Post Insert Landmine

    • Like the A2ZCare this has a locking set screw to secure the barbell.
    • Because it’s the post type of landmine attachment, you can easily move it around, and it simply slides into some stacked weight plates.
    • Has a claimed rating of 880lbs!
  • Titan base Landmine

    • Titan is well known for being a great blend of quality vs affordability. While many of their products don’t have the same fit for finish as Rogue, we use several of their items in our facility and they have held up well, which is all that really matters.
    • The Titan Landmine Base is a unique in that it’s not a post type landmine or a rig mounted landmine, in that it has its own base plate. YOu could either weight it with some weight plates or dumbbells, or bolt it to your platform or floor depending on your space. 



Whether you decide to buy a Rogue Landmine attachment or a Landmine from another brand, they are a great addition to any home gym or small personal training studio. Most home gym owners already own a barbell (or at least they should), and adding a landmine will add dozens if not hundreds of exercise variations to your routine.

On top of the variety a landmine will provide, they are cost effective, and take up little space by themselves. Their simple construction means they are durable, and easy to assemble. They’re really a no brainer for your arsenal!

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