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Train Heroic App Review

The Train Heroic App is one of the best things to happen to the fitness industry in a long time.

Coaches, athletes, and average Joes looking for good programming have all been able to reap the many benefits of this powerful software. All of which I will be breaking down objectively in the next few paragraphs.

The Evolution: From Pen and Paper, to Spreadsheet, to App


I’ve been coaching for quite some time now, and training myself for even longer. When it comes to the delivery of programming I’ve used just about everything out there from spreadsheets to pen and paper.


I’m a big fan of spreadsheets as they allow me to have a great deal of control over the client experience. I can put sets and reps but I can also add notes, formulas, and really control all of the little details.


The downside is time.


Making spreadsheets is a pain in the butt. Even if you save templates, customizing the program for each client can be cumbersome and time consuming. As a coach or a trainer, you know that above all else time is money. You can’t afford to waste it.


If only there was a way that brought the customization and options of a spreadsheet program, while making the creation and delivery process more streamlined and time saving for the coach and athlete.


Enter Train Heroic.


This simple app has revolutionized how I interact with my clients over distance as well as the training session experience for them.


I’m familiar with TH from both a coach and athlete perspective, so I will speak to both. Let’s start with the athlete…


The TrainHeroic App For the Athlete


I used the app in its earlier stages years ago while I was on a competitive weightlifting team. The analytics and competition for the team environment were unparalleled and spurred us to compete against each other even more so in a team setting. There were some bugs at this time, but any small bugs were far outweighed by the competitive environment it fostered. 


Before every training session I would always log into the leaderboard on the app and see what my teammates had done. You bet your ass that if my buddy Derek squatted 170kilos, I was going to put 171kilos on the bar or die trying. It brought a sense of community and competitiveness to the training environment that is drastically underrated in the industry today.


The app also is a hub that allows for you to collect you own personal data. At the tap of a finger, you can pull up your previous performances from days, weeks, or even months ago. You also have a constantly updated stat board for your own personal records and work load. It is all the benefits of an old school training journal, minus all the maths and the fact that you probably spilled coffee on it at some point.


I love the app so much that I input my own training into it as well. It allows me to track my progression over time and check for any workload indicators that may tell me something about my performance. It is also nice to have all of the information recorded in one spot in case I ever need to look back and refer to how a previous training cycle went or what an old personal record was.


The TrainHeroic App For the Coach


Where Train Heroic App truly shines is from a coaching perspective.


It allows you to manage multiple athletes on either a 1:1 basis or team level. You can create programs that are assigned to certain athletes individually or teams as a whole. You can also save your commonly used exercise prescriptions in order to streamline the process for next time. Efficiency is at the forefront of how this app runs.


The app also makes it very easy to manage and communicate with multiple athletes or clients. A mandatory readiness survey before each session allows you to track how they are recovering, and a built in messaging system allows you to talk back and forth within the app.


Gone are the days where you lose track of a remote athlete and don’t hear from them until it is too late. The Train Heroic software allows you to stay up to date and on top of what really matters, adherence and community.


TrainHeroic App Customer Support


The Train Heroic customer support team is exactly what you want from customer support. You don’t have to deal with them often as not many issues arise, but when you do they are timely and pleasant and above all helpful.


All of my questions so far have been answered in less than 24 hours and the team goes above and beyond in your initial time with the app to make sure you have things squared away. There were plenty of tutorials and opportunities to speak with the support team to answer any question as well.


All in all, a good experience here as well.


TrainHeroic App Price and Value


There are three packages to choose from when signing up for the software, all of which have their own unique features and associated price points.


The cheapest package is the one I started with and allows for up to 25 athletes and one coaching account. The monthly rate for this package is $45 per month.


The next package up allows for two coaching accounts and up to 500 athlete accounts, which is a sizeable increase. Remember, this software is used largely at college level facilities. The monthly rate for this package is $75.


Lastly, there is the elite package which allows for unlimited athlete accounts, 4 coaching accounts, and a host of other options from an onboarding video to pre built programs.


Regardless of what package you choose, I highly recommend the 14 day free trial. It allows you to immerse yourself in the daily features of the software and truly see if it is for you. 


TrainHeroic App Negatives


I told you I would give you an objective review, so I wanted to make sure I included any negative qualities I discovered as well. To be completely honest, I haven’t had very many and the ones I have had were a quick fix.


The biggest issue for me arises when uploading your own videos to youtube which are then linked into the program for the athlete/client to reference. Due to copyright issues, you need to be very careful to not have music in the background while recording your videos or mute the video when uploading to youtube. On rare occasions the video can be blocked for the athlete due to copyright issues with the song in the background. Although rare, this has happened to me a couple of times since using the app. Again, there are thousands of built in exercises which are already filmed and have perfectly working links. I just include a lot of custom things in my programming that are not already included in the database.


The TrainHeroic App In Summary

Train Heroic offers multiple key features that make it worth the value for almost any coach or trainer other than those just starting out. The main benefits of this software have been highlighted below in bullet format.

  • Access to high level coaches at the tap of a finger
  • Remote coaching made easy
  • Allows coaches to scale business and work with more people
  • Great for a team/competitive environment
  • Very comprehensive tracking database for PRs and training volume
  • Thousands of pre filmed exercise demos
  • Streamlines programming process thus saving time
  • Built in readiness survey for clients

If you’re interested in upgrading from spreadsheets or even pen and paper, I cannot recommend the Train Heroic software enough.  To learn more about their software visit this link

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