avatar nutrition review

Avatar Nutrition Review

Avatar Nutrition is a web-based diet coaching software created by a team of diets coaches.   If you are considering using it you should read this avatar nutrition review first.  A lot people are tracking their macros and Avatar Nutrition is one of many options available.  While many options help you just track your Macros, Avatar prescribes macros, helps you track your progress, and then suggests updates based on the results of following the plan.  Read on to see my entire Avatar Nutrition review. 

avatar nutrition review


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Macro Tracking: The New King of the Weight Loss World

Right now tracking your macros is all the rage, and for good reason: It works. If you aren’t familiar with what macro tracking is, here’s a quick run down.

  • Macros are short for macronutrients
    • There are three macronutrients
      • Protein
      • Carbohydrate
      • Fat
  • Each macro contains a certain amount of calories
    • 1g of protein has 4 calories
    • 1g of carbs has 4 calories
    • 1g of fat has 9 calories

IFFYM – If It Fits Your Macros – Avatar Nutrition Works With IFFYM

IIFYM is a popular fitness food tracking phenomenon that stands for “If It Fits Your Macros.”  IFFYM is not a fad diet approach but instead a realistic and long-term approach of flexible dieting that can help you lose weight without very strict diet rules to follow.  Rather than focusing on only calories like some food tracking Apps do, IIFYM guides you to track macronutrients instead.  Avatar Nutrition is perfect if you want to follow the IFFYM eating way of life.

So really, macro tracking is a more detailed way of counting calories.

It’s better to track your macros than simply tracking your calories, because your body does different things with each macronutrient. For example if you are in a calorie deficit you will lose weight, but if you don’t eat enough protein a lot of that weight loss will come from muscle!  (Hint:  that’s not good and losing Fat is preferable).  

While tracking your macros can be a great way to lose stubborn belly fat, or shrink those lunch lady arms, it can be confusing to know exactly how many macros you’re supposed to be eating as well as how many macros you actually are eating. 

That’s why nutrition tracking apps like Avatar Nutrition are becoming more and more popular. In this article we’re going to be taking a detailed look at Avatar as both a nutrition coaching service and a food tracker. Let’s jump in!


How Avatar Nutrition Works

When you sign up for Avatar Nutrition they ask you a series of questions like your age, height, weight, activity level, and of course, your personal goals, like if you want to lose fat or gain muscle.

Using all of this information, the Avatar system comes up with a specific amount of proteins, carbs and fats to eat each day. From there you use the Avatar Nutrition system to track the foods you eat, aiming to hit the target numbers they provided for you.

Each week you do a check in with Avatar Nutrition where you weigh in and the system checks if you were “compliant” with your target numbers. Avatar Nutrition defines compliance with being within 10g of proteins and carbs, and within 5 grams of fats on average for the week

If your goal is set to fat loss, and you lost weight while being compliant, the system will keep your macros the same. If you didn’t lose weight, the system will adjust your macros to help initiate the fat loss results you’re looking for.  What I love about this is the system automatically implements the “Feedback Loop” system and helps you adjust to hit your goals.  This was a very manual process in the past but Avatar Nutrition has made it a lot easier.  

The beauty of the system is that it adjusts to your personal progress. This takes so much of the guess work out of the macro tracking process.  As a user, you just do your job of entering in what you eat and working to “hit your numbers every day” and as long as you do that the system will guide you to progress.  

Avatar Nutrition Review:  Features and Benefits

avatar nutrition app screenshot


Easy and straight forward

First of all their tracking system is extremely user friendly and straightforward.  Getting signed up was very easy.  You tell them your fitness goal, plug in your weight and body fat percentage, and it will give you a recommended plan to follow.  

Impressive Food Database

They have a large food database where you can look up the foods you eat, to track them and see exactly how many proteins, carbs and fats are in each food. 

Foods are separated by branded and generic

This division makes finding the food in the data base extremely easy. For items like a piece of chicken or beef, you would look in the generic section. If you were eating something like Special K cereal, you could do a search for branded foods.

There’s a barcode scanner

If the packaging of whatever you’re eating has a barcode scanner on it, you can simply use the barcode scanner function to look up the food. This is usually a faster option than manually typing in your search query.They have a “Scan” feature too where you can easily scan the Barcode on any food label to get an instant breakdown of the Macros in that product which makes tracking very easy.  

avatar nutrition food scan app

There’s a quick add function

If you were out at a restaurant that had the nutrition information listed, you could use this function to quickly add the macros from your meal to your daily food log.

The Carb/Fat slider and moving targets functions are a life saver

The Avatar Nutrition system features a slider that lets you quickly and easily swap carbs for fats or vice versa. This saves you the pain of doing the math yourself as fats have more than twice the calories as carbs.

Moving Targets Feature

Let’s face it, ones of the challenges of tracking nutrition and “hitting your numbers” is that some days we may have a special occasion, office party, or date night and you naturally will eat more on that day throwing off your numbers.  The moving targets feature will deduct from tomorrow’s macros if you go over your macros today, helping you stay compliant for the week (which is really what it takes to see progress from your plan). 


avatar nutrition moving targets

The system has too many features to list, everything from a recent foods list to the ability to copy meals from one day to the next, to the ability to add your own recipes, there are many ways Avatar Nutrition helps you to meet your goals. 

So Does Avatar Nutrition Work?  

Currently Avatar boasts an impressive online community in their official Facebook group, which is home to over 20,000 members. The community is mostly used for people to ask questions, but there are plenty of success stories to be found there, and on their Instagram as well. 

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My Personal Review Of Avatar Nutrition

I have also personally used Avatar with great success, and it makes managing my weight extremely easy. Additionally I have used it with many clients. Often I will hear remarks about how easy the Avatar Nutrition system makes the whole macro tracking process. Anything you can do to remove obstacles to adhering to a diet will produce better long term results.  

I have tried many of the Macro Tracking Apps available and Avatar has one of the most easy to use and robust systems available which is why it earns my recommendation.

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Avatar Nutrition Cost – How Much Does Avatar Nutrition Cost?

Avatar Nutrition offers a free 14-day Free trial and has two main pricing plans.  They have a monthly option at $9.99/mo or you can pay annually $97.99.

If you click this link and use Avatar Nutrition promo code FITEXPERT when you sign up you can save some money.

Avatar Nutrition Is Also App Based – For iPhone and Android Devices

When Avatar Nutrition first launched it was only web-based and they didn’t have a true iPhone or Android based App.  But they listened to their users and eventually launched the version.  I am personally an iPhone user so I was very excited when they launched the iOs version of their nutrition tracking app.

avatar nutrition ios app

Alternatives to Avatar Nutrition

While Avatar may serve as a virtual diet coach, it also is very powerful in the form of a food tracker. When it comes to food journaling, there are a few other options on the market place:

MyFitnessPal – Avatar Nutrition vs MyFitnessPal

Owned by Under Armour, MFP is probably the most popular food tracking app. While it boasts a massive food data base, that is also its Achilles heel, as the data base is user generated, meaning many of the entries are absolutely incorrect, because at this time MFP doesn’t have any system checks to ensure users are entering accurate data. 

I’m also very dubious about the amounts of macros and calories MFP tells users to eat.  

If you aren’t comfortable calculating your own macros or you don’t have a nutrition coach prescribing your Macros for you then Avatar Nutrition wins the recommendation hands down.  Avatar Nutrition has greatly improved their App over time and they do a better job of getting the science of Macro tracking and adjustment based on results right.  Avatar Nutrition has some powerful tools to help keep you compliant which is a huge piece of the puzzle to weight loss success. If you’re very confident in coming up with your own macros and you just need a food tracking app, MyFitnessPal may be the better option.  I don’t recommend the free version of MyFitnessPal so it will cost you if you want to really make it work for you.

With the innovations Avatar Nutrition has made I feel very confident in stating that I greatly prefer Avatar Nutrition over MyFitnessPal.


While I haven’t personally used this app, I have heard nothing but good things. One of the cool features about this app is it will create meals for you based on what you have left for macros to eat. 


This has been a long time favorite alternative to MFP for many people. Unfortunately only available to Apple users.

Avatar Nutrition Promo Code

If you want to try Avatar Nutrition and want the absolute best pricing on it then use the promo code below to get the best deal.

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Conclusion – Avatar Nutrition Review

Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose stubborn belly fat, tracking your macros is a good approach for several reasons. First, you will build a much better relationship with your food, since you will learn a lot about what’s in your food. 

Secondly you can only change that which you measure. If you aren’t tracking your food, and thereby your macros, you really have no idea how much you’re eating, and at the end of the day, that is the most important factor in changing your body weight.

Avatar Nutrition takes all of the guesswork out of the “how much” part of that equation.  You track what you eat, you track your body weight, Avatar will do the rest.

Learn More About Avatar Nutrition Here

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