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Best Workout Bench: Christians Fitness Factory Utility Bench


To be honest, I never thought I’d be writing an article about a workout bench. Despite being used for hundreds if not thousands of exercises, they can sometimes be an afterthought for those piecing together their home gym, or even for small gym owners. 


But because you will inevitably end up doing many things with a workout bench, choosing the right one is important. From bench height and width, to durability and weight, there are actually a lot of things you should consider when buying one. 


This is only complicated by the fact that when you go online, there are literally hundreds of different benches to choose from. What makes a good bench? What makes a bad bench? Hopefully we’ll answer some of these questions and more in this best workout bench review.


Things to consider before buying a Workout Bench

As with most items for your gym, a big thing you’re going to want to look for is size, weight, and ease of storage/mobility. For those looking for a product for a home gym or small boutique fitness facility, space is often premium. 


Another factor you may want to consider is whether or not you want or need the extra versatility of an adjustable or “incline” bench. We’ll be covering our favorites of that category in another article. In an ideal world, having the extra versatility of an adjustable bench seems like a no-brainer, but adjustable benches are typically 2-3 times more expensive than a standard workout bench. There is a lot more than can go wrong with an adjustable bench given that there are more moving/working parts. 


The last thing you should consider before buying a workout bench is your height. Higher benches will be more difficult for shorter trainees to reach the floor when doing things like bench presses. If you can’t get your feet to the floor, or really have to reach to do so, you could overly strain your low back, or be forced to find some kind of footrest solution to make it more comfortable. 

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Presenting the Christians Fitness Factory Utility Bench: Our Pick for Best Workout Bench

Recently our facility was closed due to the pandemic. While we were preparing to reopen we spent some time to remodel and freshen up the gym. During this time I was thinking about adding some more gym equipment, and I was looking at our Christians Fitness Factory Workout Benches, and I laughed at just how well these benches have held up.


I’ve owned 3 of these workout benches for nearly 10 years, and they are still in top shape. If you’re looking for an affordable and durable workout bench that is also light weight, look no further. 


  • Pros
    • Extremely durable: ours have held up for years.
    • Very light weight only weighs 45lbs
    • Easy to assemble: takes about 5-10 minutes to put together
    • Easy to move
  • Cons
    • Not adjustable
    • Only comes in one color
    • Not the widest bench so may be uncomfortable for very wide people who are doing heavy bench presses


Features & Benefits of The Best Workout Bench



The CFF Workout Bench measures 11” wide, 43” long and 18” high. We find this bench height to be the sweet spot between making sure shorter trainees can reach the floor and taller trainees not feeling too cramped. Anyone shorter than 5’2 may need some extra foot rests to really get a flat foot to the floor, but most people can easily get their feet planted enough to be stable.


The width of the bench is a good balance between giving room for your shoulders to rotate easily while laying flat on the bench, without the bench being so narrow you don’t feel like you’re going to fall off of it. Wider Bodybuilders or Powerlifters who are doing very heavy bench presses may feel it’s on the slightly narrow side, but we’ve had athletes bench pressing over 400lbs on this bench with no problem. 


Measuring 43” in length, it’s adequate for even the tallest trainees. Again we’ve had individuals at 6’4 be able to safely lay on the bench with their head still supported by the bench. Anyone taller than 6’4 may want to consider a bench that’s slightly longer. 




Fortunately the CFF workout bench is very light weight, and conveniently comes with caster wheels for one end. The wheels make it very easy to pick up one hand and move it around your gym space. 


This workout bench also stands up easily against a wall if you need to move it out of the way to give you more floor space. If you have to navigate a space that doesn’t allow you to use the wheels, picking it up to move it is pretty easy too.




Like already mentioned, we have several in our gym, and they’ve all held up great. Reading on amazon some people have complained that the vinyl covering on the seat is too thin and has ripped. This has NOT been our experience having these benches for many years, with hundreds of people using them every week. 


The CFF workout bench is also rated for up to 1000lbs (including the person using it) so it can certainly withstand the heaviest weights you’ll throw out at it. In all the years using them, we’ve never had anyone complain about the stability of the bench. When it comes to a good workout bench, stability is everything!


What other People Are Saying About the CFF Workout Bench

Aside from our own experiences with the bench which we discussed above, overall the CFF workout bench has positive reviews on Amazon. Check out what some of the buyers are saying:


Both my husband and I have had the opportunity to use it several times and it has met our expectations: it’s sturdy and doesn’t slide around yet it’s light enough to easily move out of the way as necessary either by picking it up or using the wheels on the head end to roll away.”


“Easy to assemble, and the sturdiest bench I’ve ever used. Seriously, more than any gym bench I’ve used to date. Excellent product, would definitely recommend. And the seller responded quick with shipping inquiries.”


Alternative Workout Benches

If for some reason the CFF Workout bench doesn’t meet your needs or budget, there are quite a few alternatives to choose from.

Marcy Flat Utility Bench

    • One of the least expensive benches on the market
    • Less weight capacity (600lbs) than the CFF model
    • Does not have wheels
    • Weighs less making it even easier to carry

CAP Barbell Workout Bench

      • A bit wider than the CFF making it good for broader trainees
      • Taller than we’d prefer for most people
      • Well known brand

rogue utility bench

Rogue Flat Utility Bench

    • Typically more expensive than other brands
    • Legendary Rogue quality
    • Longer back pad ideal for very tall trainees
    • More padding than the CFF bench


Conclusion – What To Look For In The Best Workout Bench

While the Christian’s Fitness Factory Workout Bench may not be the top of the line bench for your home or small gym, we think it offers the best balance of build quality, design, and pricing. Given how relatively inexpensive a workout bench is compared to other gym equipment like treadmills or bikes, a good workout bench really is such a versatile and important piece for any gym set-up, and when the CFF benches have held up for years against the heavy use of our gym, we don’t think twice about recommending them to anyone. 

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